Mar  April 2020
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Thursday, Apr 9, 2020   
Award Winner
Backstabbing  -KTB- SteelTX (3 kills with the American Knife)
Bar Browning  (SG28) Denny Crane (43 kills with the BAR Browning Automatic Rifle)
Best Latency  -KTB-hand of doom (IN) (5 ms average connection)
British Bren MG  (SG28) Denny Crane (27 Kills with the British Bren Light MG)
British Enfield  -KTB-PorchDog (98 kills with the British Enfield Rifle)
British Grenade  -KTB-PorchDog (33 kills with the British Grenade)
British Sten  Bumson (40 kills with the British Sten Gun)
Colt Freak  Urban (11 kills with the Colt .45 model 1911)
Death From Above  Medal of Honor (4 kills with the Mortar Launcher)
Enfield Sniper  patachuladestructor (11 kills with the British Enfield Sniper Rifle)
FG 42  P1 (23 Kills with the FG 42)
German Grenade  -KTB-PorchDog (70 kills with the German Stick Grenade)
Grenade  -KTB-PorchDog (244 bombings with the Grenade)
Headsmasher  EduKiller (3 kills with Garand Butt Stock)
It didn't Jam  Jdance (15 kills with the Grease Gun)
Karbiner / Gewehr 43  -KTB-KAC-VirtualAssassin (32 kills with the Gewehr 43)
Longest Death Streak  cap (9 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  -KTB-PorchDog (46 kills)
Longest Play Time  -KTB-PorchDog (04:29:54h hours)
Mauser Kar 98k  Urban (39 kills with the Mauser Kar 98)
Most Deaths  -KTB-PorchDog (187 deaths)
Most Improved Player  patachuladestructor (1,233 points gained)
Most Kills  -KTB-PorchDog (1,043 kills)
MP40  -KTB-hand of doom (IN) (41 kills with the MP40 Machine Pistol)
MP44  Ogre 77 (4 kills with the MP44 Assault Rifle)
Noob Tuber  Urban (20 kills with the Bazooka)
Pow Pow Pow Clang  -KTB-PorchDog (576 kills with the M1 Garand Rifle)
Revolver Madness  -KTB- SteelTX (2 kills wth the British Webley)
Scharfschütze  dR| gonz0 (9 kills with the Scoped Mauser Kar 98)
Scoped FG 42  -KTB-KAC-VirtualAssassin (28 Kills with the Scoped FG 42)
Spring Sniper  Medal of Honor (54 snipings with the Springfield 03 Rifle)
Thompson  -KTB-ManiacMom(NY) (30 kills with the Thompson Submachine Gun)